Consultant, Mental Health Minute, Workbook Contributor


Simon Trepel MD FRCPC is a child and adolescent psychiatrist with more than a decade of experience assessing and treating kids and teens. Dr. Trepel graduated from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine in 2001, and then completed his psychiatric residency in 2006. He teaches students, as an Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba, which include medical students, residents, psychiatrists, pediatricians and family doctors.

Dr. Trepel’s clinical practice is located at the Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Center, as the consulting psychiatrist for the Intensive Community Reintegration Service, specializing in a wide range of mental health and family counselling.

Dr. Trepel is the cofounder and consulting psychiatrist for the Gender Dypshoria Assessment and Action for Youth clinic. He is also a consulting psychiatrist for the Pediatric Adolescent Satellite Clinic, where he primarily works with children and adolescents in Child and Family Services care.

Dr. Trepel has been consulted by Vital Statistics as well as the provincial school division for his expertise in child and adolescent gender dysphoria.  He has spoken to audiences on a range of topics, including gender dsyphoria, video game addiction, anxiety, attention deficit disorder and neuroplasticity.

Dr. Trepel has a wonderful partner, 5 great kids ranging in ages from 6-16, and a 14-year old black lab. He is training to hopefully one day run competitively, in the master’s category.