Workbook Contributor


Haley Charney is a dedicated young artist and activist who is constantly striving to better the lives of those in her community through a variety of mediums such as theatre, film, and public discourse. She has maintained these commitments to her community in a variety of ways while continuing to flourish in her studies of human rights, at the University of Winnipeg. 


Haley believes in the power sharing stories and vulnerabilities have to change lives and to transform society. She is a transcriber on Eagle Vision’s documentary series, Taken, which tells the important and often previously untold true stories of missing and murdered Indigenous women.


She has also been active in the theatre for many years, most recently collaborating with Sarasvati Productions as Assistant Director, script consultant, and public speaker on the touring show, Shattered. Whilst in these roles she, along with several more talented artists, educated high school students on the complexities of mental health and taught useful skills for understanding and addressing difficult situations surrounding mental health issues and mental illness. 


A proud member of the LGBT2SQ* community herself, she has a long history of dedication to this particular branch of activism. She is delighted to be able to support further understanding of LGBT2SQ* identities and the specific challenges that LGBT2SQ* individuals can face regarding mental health as a contributor to The Orange Daisy Project Mental Health Workbook.