Orange Daisy Project is a multi-tier social action campaign that focuses on the mental health of teen girls, who are statistically more likely to suffer from mental health issues than boys their age. The project is based in Canada, one of the world’s most progressive, affluent countries, with sophisticated public health care and education systems, where many girls nevertheless suffer deeply from issues related to mental illness, just like girls all over the world.

Orange Daisy Project celebrates 10 brave young women who represent a cross-section of Canada’s youth. Their stories are universal, and they want to share them because they want to help other young women live their best lives. These stories are shared in stunning 5-minute documentaries. In them, these girls are honoured for the healthy ways they live their lives despite the challenges they face. The documentaries are aligned with a social media strategy meant to build community and solidarity for mental health. The website includes resources, and contributions from mental health professionals aimed to answer the questions that have emerged through this project’s research. Tough issues are explored, and Orange Daisy Project offers resources to provide support through that exploration.

A gorgeous, fun, best-selling mental health workbook, supports young women to map out their own mental health goals with strategies supported by a team of mental health professionals, community leaders, and the Orange Daisy documentary subjects.

A school and community tour has begun in Manitoba, impacting thousands of lives. The tour was presented at the Manito Ahbee's Youth Day, connecting with groups of Indigenous kids and engaging in frank and important conversations based on courage and honesty. The Manito Ahbee Festival, Orange Daisy Project’s not-for-profit parent organization, shares Indigenous culture and values with youth. That guidance is a key component of the tour. Manito Ahbee’s Executive Director is Orange Daisy Project’s Executive Producer - Lisa Meeches. Ms. Meeches is an award-winning, iconic Canadian producer and Indigenous leader, recently featured in Chatelaine magazine.

A core value of Orange Daisy Project is to generate seeing-is-believing empowerment for female filmmakers with mentorship and employment components at each stage of production. When Orange Daisy Project began, one of the goals was to mentor emerging directors. Those directors who participated in the project have experienced explosive growth and success in their careers - and the support and mentorship is ongoing. This mentorship functions to increase the quantity and quality of media products created by women who also role model and promote safe, professional experiences for all participants in front of and behind the camera.

The blazing colour orange and the delicate strength of the daisy come together as symbols for Orange Daisy Project. When this project began the world was a different place. Now there are many tools available online in support of mental health, and the stigma of mental illness is being challenged every day. Orange Daisy Project offers shares personal perspectives and experiences from people who care deeply. Many of the members of the Orange Daisy Team live with mental illness. They are committed to working together to better understand mental health by talking openly, and listening actively.


This project has been made possible through the dedication of every member of the team, every generous donation, and every individual who has shared their experiences - whether as part of the team, or as participants at an Orange Daisy Project Tour event. Thank you!

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Although Orange Daisy Project is supported by various mental health professionals, we are not medical or health professionals.

If you or someone you know needs immediate help, please visit your local emergency department or call 911.