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Katarina Ziervogel is an Edmonton-born, Winnipeg-raised and now residing in Toronto as a student of Ryerson University’s RTA Media Production program with a burning passion for writing and filmmaking. Being deaf does not stop Katarina from breaking communication barriers, humility to learn, a great confidence within achieving her goals, and a lifelong commitment to her love for the craft. Katarina was raised in a family with a knack for writing from her mother, a journalist and her stepfather, a screenwriter. It is without a doubt that she has big shoes to fill.

Katarina was a recent nominee for the YM-YWCA Women of Distinction Awards. She
thrives to become involved with more projects varying from single-cam productions to social media.

Through her participation in Orange Daisy Project as a documentary subject, Katarina was offered a writing department internship at Eagle Vision, where she worked on the release of the feature comedy Lovesick, and the true crime series Taken ( as a writer for the series' digital media and social media, and as a lead actor. Katarina's internship was supported by REES and SPHEER Quebec, and she was featured in the media for both organizations.