Producer, Mentor


Valarie Thompson is, and has been for many years, a tireless philanthropist for causes including donation of the Thompson Allergy and Asthma Clinic at Children’s Hospital. She was Spokeswoman and Woman of the Year for the Manitoba Heart and Stroke Foundation, and a Keynote Speaker. Having always been involved in the medical field, Valarie Wrote a text book for echocardiography which was distributed throughout North America. She is the founder of the echocardiography teaching and mentoring program in Manitoba.

Valarie works in an organizational capacity overseeing both the big and little picture. She is in development as a producer on the feature film Jane Garbage. Under her leadership, Jane Garbage has been supported for development by Super Channel, and will go to camera in summer of 2017. Producing Orange Daisy Project for the past year and a half through development and now into production has shown Valarie that her passion for social activism has a new outlet.


Valarie is a strong advocate of the anti-bullying and mental health movements, and is a staunch supporter of empowerment for young women. As the mother of two daughters and a son, Valarie has raised her children to be empowered to explore themselves and who they want to be. Her daughter Sara is an actress who has lived in New York and Los Angeles, her daughter Amanda lives in New York and has worked for Martha Stewart and is now an entrepreneur who runs her own aesthetic consulting firm, and her son David is a student at the Asper School of Business. As the Family Officer of the Winnipeg chapter of Young President’s Organization, Val has produced world class events, and encourages the leadership and development of young business leaders. Her productions have included work at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, including work by top choreographer Lindsay Nelko, of So You Think You Can Dance.